Text Marketing for Fitness Centres & Gyms

Text Marketing for Fitness Centres & Gyms

Every January, fitness clubs see a HUGE increase in enrollment. Motivated by their desire to lose weight and get in shape, thousands of people flock to gyms. But statistics tell us 80 percent quit within the first five months… Unless gym owner can do something about it.

Retaining an existing client is more cost-effective than acquiring a new one. A good onboarding strategy, constant communication with trainers, and timely gym SMS interactions can prevent members from cancelling their memberships.

How Can Fitness Clubs Use the VIPTap SMS Platform?

The biggest struggle for fitness clubs is keeping customers on the right track. You may already be offering personal coaching, social media updates, and loyalty programs, but are you leveraging the power of fitness SMS templates?

Most people use smartphones for calling and texting. Very few utilize mobile fitness apps to keep track of their progress and diet goals. With gym SMS templates, you can ensure that your customers will always receive and read your texts.

Hey Lisa! We know how much you love our YOGA classes and it just so happens that there’s an opening today at 3:00pm. Want to grab the spot? Reply YES to confirm.

Here are a few ways in which you can implement VIPTap’s online SMS services for your fitness club:

  • Improve Gym Onboarding with Automated SMS Templates. Prepare automated text sequences that will make it easier for new gym members to get started on their fitness goals.
  • Acknowledge Clients for Coming to the Club. Send personalized gym SMS to congratulate members for showing up at personal training sessions. This will make them feel special, empowered, and proud. Use your VIPTap SMS scheduler to send periodic encouragement texts to your loyal clients.
  • Announce New Classes & Programs with our bulk SMS software. Enroll members automatically using keywords and auto-responders. You can also add short URLs that redirect the user to pricing or schedule pages.
  • Encourage Clients to Come Back with SMS Reminders. Send SMS reminders to clients without making them feel guilty! Words of encouragement work wonders for customer retention. Check out our gym promotional messages below for inspiration.
  • Appointment Reminders & Cancellations. Most fitness clubs have personal trainers and private lessons. Avoid no-shows by sending automated SMS reminders. Create lists for each of your classes and send text alerts in seconds and improve attendance by offering the last spots in a class at a discounted price.
  • Reward Hard Work With Coupons & Fitness Deals. Gym membership offer messages are irresistible to fitness enthusiasts. Give loyal members something to look forward to — they will appreciate freebies and recognition for their hard work.
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Helpful Gym SMS Templates & Promotional Messages

1. Class Invitation Template
Hey {NAME}, it’s time to get shredded!🔥  {GYM NAME} would like to invite you to {CLASS} on {DATE}. Reply YES to reserve a spot.
2. Special Training Session
Hey {NAME}! Congrats on your fantastic progress. Reply with “TRAIN WITH RICHARD” for a full-body evaluation and training, Friday at 6:00 PM! {GYM NAME}
3. Gym Signup Offer Message

Sign up for our GOLD MEMBERSHIP until the end of January and benefit from a 20% discount. More details at bit.ly/gold. {GYM NAME}

4. New Members Welcome Template

Welcome to the {GYM NAME},
Our trainers are ready to help you get in the best shape of your life! Drop by for a free lesson or reply with SCHEDULE for a full run-down of this month’s classes.

5. Subscriber Special Template

Need a boost, {NAME}?
Our trainers are eager to help you! Book your free session today at bit.ly/free-session.
Best, {GYM NAME}

6. Gym Promotional Message for New Classes

Cheers {NAME},
We’ve added a new spinning class, available Tuesday through Thursday. Sign up here: bit.ly/spin-classes.
Best, {GYM NAME}

7. Workout Support and Resource Templates

Have you been squatting, {NAME}?
Don’t forget to stretch before intense workouts! Find out more about stretching and muscle soreness here: bit.ly/stretching-guide.
Stay awesome,

8. Referral Gym SMS Template

Hey {NAME}, Need a workout pal?
Refer one of your friends before January 30, 2021, and get one month of gym membership free. {GYM NAME}

9. Gym Membership Offers Message

Hey {NAME}, we’re excited to announce that starting {DATE} we will be offering 50% on fitness merch EXCLUSIVELY to {GYM NAME} members. Check out all the cool products here: bit.ly/discounted-gear.

10. Encouragement Message

I’m so proud of you, {NAME}! You’re killing it! 🔥 I know it’s not easy to attend three classes in a row, but you’re a real champ. Keep up the good work, {TRAINER NAME}.

11. Last Minute Class Opening

Hey, {NAME}! We know how much you love our {CLASS} classes. There’s an opening today at 3:00 PM. Want the spot? Reply YES to confirm.

12. Gym Membership Renewal SMS Template

Hey {NAME}. It’s Blake from {GYM NAME}. Your membership is set to expire on March 15. Would you like me to renew the membership using your current info?

13. Requesting Reviews

Hey {NAME}. Thank you for choosing {GYM NAME}! We’re always trying to improve our services and facilities and would love to hear your feedback. If you have a few minutes, we’d appreciate your review: bit.ly/google-review.”

COVID Gym SMS Templates

14. COVID Gym Membership Renewal SMS Sample

Hello {NAME},
We’re happy to announce that {GYM NAME} is reopening this Friday. Sanitizers and masks will be available to all members, and we will limit gym capacity to 40 members. Renew your membership today for a 15% discount, or reply SAFETY for more info.

15. Automated Membership Access Booking

To ensure all our members’ safety, you are now required to text ACCESS to this number to confirm your booking. We also kindly ask you to maintain social distancing and adhere to our COVID-19 guidelines: bit.ly/covid-protocol. {GYM NAME}

Benefits of SMS for Fitness Clubs

  1. Real-Time Communication With Clients. Two-way text messaging encourages customers to reach out to you and gives you an overview of all conversation history. Inform members of time changes, closures, and cancellations.
  2. Manage Staffing Issues. You can also use VIPTap’s fitness SMS templates to manage staffing issues. Use text alerts to notify staff members of schedule changes or cancellations.
  3. Build a Strong Subscriber Database. Use SMS keywords to encourage customers to join your contact list (e.g. “Text FITNESS DEALS to {NUMBER} for discounted plans.”).
  4. Encourage Prospects & Clients to Take Action. Gym promotional messages create a sense of urgency and will persuade customers to take action. Include promotions in your messages to close deals faster.
  5. Save Time and Aggravation. Instead of calling thirty customers at the same time to confirm appointments, send a bulk SMS. This helps instructors save time, organize their schedules, and work more efficiently.
  6. Send Payment & Renewal Reminders Instantly. Automatically request payment and renewal reminders to clients who have opted into your subscriber list.

The main purpose of gym offer SMS & text message marketing campaigns is to improve communication with customers and staff members.

Are you ready to implement text messaging systems for your fitness center? We’d love to help!

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