Build a list of your best customers and promote offers to them on-demand.

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Send A Text Right Now And Reach All Of Your Customers At Once?
We'll show you how to use your phone to never have a slow day again...

VIPTap helps you build a list of your best customers and promote offers to them on-demand.

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VIPTap is the easiest, fastest and most cost-effective way to draw customers to your business.
How The VIPTap System Works
You offer a freebie or small discount encouraging customers to join your “VIP Club” by texting a keyword to a phone number or signing up on your website.
Everyone that joins immediately receives a text message with a unique code to claim the offer.
Those valued customers are added to your permission-based SMS marketing list.
Anytime you want to generate more business, simply send out a text with a VIP offer and code. It will be delivered instantly to everyone in your VIP Club.
Try It On Your Phone now!

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes for a moment and join the VIP Club at our imaginary restaurant, “Sal’s Pizzeria”.

Sal’s customers have two ways to join his VIP Club:
Add their phone number to the popup form on the website
or… Send a text message with the word 
“VIPCLUB” to 647-424-2144  

Powerful Features Made Simple

Industry leading features will never leave you without the tools to get the job done.

Analyze Customer Data

Have you ever wondered how, or even if, your advertising is working? Most traditional marketing can’t answer this question. Businesses are left to rely on their location to generate sales. Business owners often approximate a guess, or create offline spreadsheets with incomplete data.

Leave the guesswork to the amateurs!

With VIPTap, you will immediately know which customers are most valuable to your business, what campaigns are working best, and how much profit your campaigns are adding to your bottom line.

Analyze customer data with SMS Marketing
Build a stronger customer experience with SMS Marketing

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

Throw away the punch cards! Loyalty programs are only good when customers think to visit and if remember to use them…

Targeted SMS marketing gives you a fast and cost-effective complement to traditional channels and reinforces current offers and promotions – directly in recipients’ hands.

VIPTap has an integrated CRM system making it easy to customize advertisements to different segments and target loyalty discounts to specific customers.

  • Send Bulk Text Messages

    VIPTap makes bulk text messaging a snap. The process is simpler than email! Reach all of your VIP members in real-time with one message broadcast.

  • Unique Coupon Codes

    Sending a unique, trackable, 1-time use code to each member ensures their experience has a personal touch, while you can see exactly who has spent what.

  • Dynamic Expiration Dates

    Set a specific expiration time for each of your offers. Choose the number of days, and VIPTap sends timely reminders to VIP members that haven't redeemed their codes!

  • Segment Your Contacts

    Create smaller lists or groups of members who are most receptive to specific offers, events, or media placement. Because everything is trackable, you will know the best campaigns to run over and over.

  • Campaign Scheduling

    Schedule exclusive offers, birthday rewards and seasonal campaigns set for specific dates and events.

  • Keyword Text to Join

    Customers add themselves to your campaigns by sending a keyword from their own phones. Each keyword becomes a segment list or group.

  • Personalization

    Include members' names in each message to give a one-to-one, personal feel to your campaigns. Celebrate their birthday with special offers. Track your most loyal customers and send unique deals!

  • Drip Campaigns

    Send an automated series of time-delayed text messages to members after they join your VIP Club. It's great for announcements & updates, introducing your menu and events.

  • Top-Level Security

    Your business and customer information is 100% safe and secure behind an industry-standard 256-bit AES SSL Encryption. All of your data us stored within our enterprise-level database service.

  • Broadcast Anywhere

    Whether you are at your desk or on the run, you can send VIP messages quickly from your VIPTap dashboard or using your own phone!

But You Run a Restaurant, Not a Marketing Agency!
You don't have time to learn a whole new software system, or create extra marketing materials, or train your staff how to use it...

Don't worry!

You'll Get This Complete Marketing Toolkit

Fully Customized With Your Logo, Your Colours, Your Image.

SMS Marketing Toolkit
SMS Marketing Cheat sheet and SOP Manual
Take a quick tour of Your VIPTap Dashboard

We've wrapped a tonne of features and tools into an elegant and intuitive administration dashboard... because we know you don't have a Master's in Javascript, C++ and Python.

Main Dashboard

A Daily, Weekly, and All-Time revenue generated with offers and Campaigns

B Subscriber list growth by Day, Week and All-Time

C You Top-10 best VIP customers who've spent the most with you.


A View, manage and filter all campaigns and keywords.

B Measure customer response and revenue goals

C Pop over to your Redemption Page at any time to quickly record new customers and orders.

Contacts Manager

A View and Search VIP Members by name, email, phone, birthday, redemption values.

B Filter members by campaign segments to see who are the most responsive to specific offers and media channels.


A Craft and send Real-Time messages and offers to your VIP members.

B Choose specific segments of your membership for targeted offers.

C Set up a business or personal mobile phone to send messages directly from your own device.

Company Settings

A Configure and view your VIPTap Marketing Number, currency and date formats.

B Manage your default business number to capture inbound calls and messages.

C Customize your default message templates for texts or calls and compliance requirements.

*Introducing Our Industry-Busting 125% Profit-Generation Guarantee
We provide you and your staff all the tools, resources and training needed to make your campaigns a success.
If this system doesn't make you a profit within 90 days, you'll get 125% of your money back.
"Profit" meaning you're generating more revenue from using the service than the cost of the service per month. The measure of profit is between the 61st and 90th days of using the service.

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