Emails Opened: 20%
Texts Opened: 98%

Which Method Would You Try To Reach Your Customers With?

We help you reach your customers and boost sales within minutes, guaranteed.

Quit wasting your time and money on…

If you had to get the word out and communicate instantly with your customers, would you be able to?

Could you rely on email’s poor delivery and low open rates to bring in customers on the same day you send an offer?

Are you certain your social media followers are paying attention to your time-sensitive offers, or even being shown your posts at all?

Do you have a secure and reliable method to record and track your customer’s data, spending and interests?

The biggest marketing problem most business owners face is the inability to contact your best customers quickly and on your own terms.

Building a list of your best customers is one of the most valuable assets you can own.

More people now expect a personal touch when it comes to interacting with a business.

SMS text messaging has emerged as the most reliable and cost-effective ways to communicate with your best customers on a regular basis.

Text messages have the highest deliverability and response rates across any other marketing method.

Every phone, regardless of service or data plans, can receive text messages instantly.

Why does SMS Text Marketing beat all other marketing tactics?

The latest stats prove it:
Social Media and Email are possibly the hardest ways to reliably communicate with customers.

Facebook Fans likely to see your business page posts...
Instagram Followers that will actually see your pics & videos...
Email Newsletters managing to reach the Inbox and get opened...
Text Messages delivered, read and responded to (usually within 3 minutes...)

Polls show people prefer text messages and successful businesses use SMS to achieve better results:

0 x

SMS redemption rates over a physical voucher

0 %

of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes

0 %

of people prefer receiving a text message over an email

0 %

higher response rate than phone, email, or Facebook.

No Extra Apps Required

Many messaging services require people to download an app to communicate, which your customers, co-workers or clients aren’t willing or able to do.

Google even discovered that just having “download our app” on a website caused 69% of people to leave immediately. On the other hand, everyone has access to a mobile phone and knows how to text. All they have to do is give you their permission to send them a message, and you’re set!

There’s no other channel like texting that can guarantee the same engagement level, making it invaluable for your business’s communication strategy.

This makes SMS text messages a virtually guaranteed marketing channel!

See how your business can grow in just 5 minutes.

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Got a few questions?

Absolutely! The pandemic restrictions and lockdowns make VIPTap all the more important to your business’s survival and growth. With third-party apps and online stores and services scooping up all the customer orders and information, it’s vital to your survival and long-term growth to build a list of customer names and phone numbers that you own and control!

Yes, absolutely! It doesn’t matter if you have a Fine-Dining Restaurant or a Quick Oil Change Auto Shop, VIPTap will help you engage your customers and draw them in more often. We’ll work together to brand your program and adjust the tone of voice that best suits your business and customers!

Yes! Besides the written VIPTap Standard Operating Procedures Manual, we will schedule a training and orientation session, either in-person or via video conferencing, and go over the platform, resources and process to successfully run your best VIP Club campaigns.

No! VIPTap is a month-by-month service subscription. You are not locked into any lengthy contract. That said, it does take a little bit of time to build your VIP customer list and gain traction with your offers. We need a minimum commitment of three months to build and establish your system. Remember, you’re building an asset for your business, an investment in your success. It doesn’t happen in a week or two!

More questions? That’s natural. Read more or ask your own questions.

Let us map out your text marketing strategy for the next 90 days & beyond!