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We've put together the most common questions our clients ask us, but if you want to ask something we've missed, let us know!

VIPTap is more than just a text messaging app. You’re getting a proven method to collect your customer info so you can send text messages that get them to come in when you want them to, and to spend more with you when they do. The bottom line – you’re getting consistency in your business from more customers more often.

Without a doubt, yes! The pandemic restrictions and lockdowns make VIPTap all the more important to your business’s survival and growth. With third-party delivery services scooping up all the customer information away from restaurants, it’s vital to your survival and long-term growth to build a list of customer names and phone numbers that you own and control!

Yes, absolutely! It doesn’t matter if you have a fine-dining or fast-food restaurant, VIPTap will help you engage your customers and draw them in more often. We’ll work together to brand your program and adjust the tone of voice that best suits your restaurant and customers!

No! Your VIPTap account will have its own phone number assigned to it. This is the number customers will send keywords into and receive messages from. It’s completely dedicated to your VIPTap account.

Yes! We can assign any mobile phone number as an “Authorized Sending Number.” This means you can broadcast to your VIPTap lists directly from your own phone, but using the VIPTap dedicated number. No one will see or access your personal phone number!

We typically build for about 30 to 45 days. It depends on a few things: how often new customers visit, how much reach you have with social media, the perceived value of your initial offer to join, etc. We’ll help you in every way to get as many customers onto your list quickly!

When a customer receives an offer text message, they get a unique 6-digit redemption code. They will present that code to you to claim the offer when they order. You simply enter the code in your Online Redemption Form or record it on a notepad for later.

Yes! Besides the written VIPTap Standard Operating Procedures Manual, we will schedule a training and orientation session, either in-person or via video conferencing, and go over the platform, resources and process to successfully run your best VIP Club campaigns.

Once a code is entered into the redemption form, our system tracks the specific customer’s value and the campaign’s conversion rate. We also track your top 10 customers by how much they’ve spent with you.

As many as you want! In fact, it’s a good idea to link offers together to keep your customers coming back more often. Your only limit is the number of messages and contacts your account is allowed each month!

No! The great thing about VIPTap is that customers join or opt-in by themselves. They can add their phone number using a popup form on your website, or join automatically by sending a special keyword to your VIPTap phone number. You never have to handle customer phone numbers yourself!

It’s unlikely that customers will complain about getting text messages because they have signed up themselves! If they wish to quit getting messages from your VIPTap system, they only need to send the word “STOP” to leave the VIP Club. This information is attached to every text message our system sends out.

Short answer: The bigger, the better! We aim for at least half of all your customers but over time it could grow to more than that!

We generate a local area code phone number for each VIPTap account. The number is randomly selected from a pool of virtual numbers. We try to find “pretty” numbers with simple patterns or repetitious digits.

At the moment, your VIPTap messages are outbound only, with the exception of receiving opt-in keywords and some customer data (names, emails, birthdays). If a customer sends a text message to your VIPTap number, they will get an automated reply asking them to call your primary business phone number.

No. VIPTap is only a messaging system that sends your customers offers and digital coupons. You must enter the discounts or other offers into your own point of sale software or cash register at the time of the purchase.

It’s not the end of the world! First, the code will remain active for the customer, and they might receive follow-up reminder messages. They could use the code another time within the expiration period (which is another order for you!). Second, the tracking for that customer and campaign might be slightly skewed and not reflect the true results of your campaign.

No! VIPTap is a month-by-month service subscription. You are not locked into any lengthy contract. That said, it does take time to build your VIP customer list and gain traction with your offers. We need a minimum commitment of 3 months to build your system for success. Remember, you’re building an asset for your business, an investment in your success. It doesn’t happen in a week or two!

VIPTap has 2 plans to suit businesses of all sizes. Our Starter plan ($197/m) is great for smaller businesses with lower customer traffic.  The Unlimited plan ($297/m) is perfect for business owners looking for maximum growth. All VIPTap plans require a $1250 Account Setup fee, allowing us to custom-tailor your onboarding experience, training, and resources. Financing options are available.

There are 2 ways to get support:

  1. Email [email protected]
  2. Use the VIPTap support form.

We do our best to respond to all support requests within the business day. If you have an emergency, someone will be on hand to help by phone or video call.